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Custom Synthesis
  • HelpSyn Co., Ltd can provide our clients with more efficient and effective compound custom synthesis service. We can make new pharmaceutical Intermediates, synthetic block, total synthesis of reference compounds and impurities, from milligram to kilogram weight range of the desired product. If you choose HelpSyn Co., Ltd, we will try our best to become a good right hand for our every customer because of below several points which we pursue persistently.

  • R & D Capability

      We formed a highly professional project management system and team, with a strong technical reserves and core competitiveness.

  • Quality Control

      HelpSyn Co., Ltd can provide the document data from Melting Point, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance analysis (NMR) and so on We have a strict quality management system in order to keep quality to meet customer demand.

  • Production Capability

      From lab to factory, no matter how many our customers want to purchase, we will have the production capability.

  •   In a word, HelpSyn Co., Ltd wants to become a good choice for every customer. We are willing to work closely with domestic and foreign customers to develop production of new chemical products. No matter what the problem is, we are willing to wholeheartedly serve you. Looking forward to cooperate with you!

  • Note:

      If you want to get the information about custom synthesis, please send a e-mail to info@helpsyn.com, we staffs will repeat you within 24H.

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